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Rogue S1 Even Balance Badminton Racket

Racket Weight
The Volant Rogue S1 is an even-balanced, all-rounder racket that has our specialised OCTAGONAL AEROFRAME which gives your game more power, speed & precision.
    • • Even balanced racket suitable for all playing styles
      • Light, yet strong & durable frame
      • Less air resistance with improved stability
      • Enlarged sweet spot & better accuracy

      • Stringing tension up to 30lbs (28lbs recommended*)
      • Sleek, matte black finish that looks stylish regardless of grip & string colour

    • • Even balance point
      • NanoSpec technology creates a lighter yet stronger frame
      • Octagonal Aeroframe reduces air resistance & improve stability
      • 3P DynaDistribution improves accuracy & enlarges sweet spot
      • High molecular carbon composition
      • Flexible & medium stiffness
      • Y-Type T Joint for strength, durability & stability
      • 7.2mm Nanotech Shaft
      • TORAY 30T Nano Carbon Fibre
      • 72 hole stringing pattern
      • Grip Size: G5 
      • Made in Taiwan

    • 1. What type of racket is the Rogue S1?

      It is an even-balanced racket, meaning that the balance point of the racket is approximately mid-way between the racket head and handle. The balance point is 290-295mm from the base of the handle.

      2. What type of player is it for?

      As it is an even-balanced racket, it can be used for many playing styles including attacking, defending and rallying. It is also suitable for beginners to advanced players, and is for both males and females.

      3. What weight is the racket?

      It comes in 2 different weights: 4U which is 82g and 3U which is 87g.

      4. Does it come with strings?

      Yes, you can select your choice of string and tension before you add to cart. If you're unsure about the type of string or tension, we have recommendations on the order page. Please reach out if you need further clarification as we're happy to give you advice. If you'd like to get the frame only and have the racket strung yourself, click HERE.

      5. Does it come with a bag?

      Yes, every racket comes with a racket bag/case which has a shoulder strap.

      6. How long does it take to be sent out?

      As we are offering you customised stringing, we work with a professional stringer who can sometimes be backlogged. Please allow up to 5 business days for your order to be processed and rest assured: we're always trying to get your racket to you as soon as we possibly can! Click here for our shipping time estimates.

      Please be aware that we are experiencing extended domestic & international shipping times due to global challenges. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

      7. Can I return it?

      We want to make sure you're satisfied with your new racket! So you can return it within 30 days of purchase if it is kept in its original condition. Any broken strings unrelated to racket faults are non-refundable. Please see the returns policy here.

ALL INCLUDED: Stringing, Racket Bag & Shipping Worldwide.
Shipped from Australia.
Note: Please allow 4-5 business days for stringing & order processing.

Click here for our shipping time estimates.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Don’t last long

I have purchased Rouge string less. I got it stringed locally in the UK with a professional. String tension - 26lbs was used. It soon became my favorite racquets, I was happy with the performance. But then this happened, it abruptly broke 😞. I didn’t even play a hard short or smash, it was just a backhand response and it abruptly broke half and I can’t believe how it happened therefore I believe it doesn’t last long.

I wish I can add the picture

Hi Kiran,
Thank you for your review! We can assure you that it’s not a common scenario that our customers have experienced. We take our quality standards very seriously and apologise that your Rogue S1 racket broke unexpectedly. We’d love the opportunity to investigate further for you and make it right. If you could please contact us and send through the pictures to crew@volantbadminton.com, we are eager to support you further and ensure that your experience with us is a positive one!

From Henry & Jeff


This is my main racket. I love to smash and do fast play. It was feeling heavy at first but after a few games, i get used to it. Good power, good grip, bounce well. Great stuff! Thanks

Thanks for the feedback Mel! Glad that you got used to it really quickly. Happy smashing! :)

Karsten Mogensen (DK)
Great racket at a great price

Have had this racket for some time now, and i am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

As an advanced senior+ player with preference for mens and mixed doubles i usually play with an even balanced 4U racket with medium stiffness. So on papper, the Volant Rogue S1 should be a perfekt match. And it was !!

First impressions was the aesthetics and build quality. This is a really good example of, that sometimes less is more. It has really caught attention on court, even though it has a simple yet stylish design. And it looks amazing! It is so easy to combine with a variety of colours on strings and grip. And the build quality is not in parallel with a racket in this price range. It feels much more like the quality of a premium racket.

Needed a short period to adjust timing, but it was quite easy to pick-up-and-play. After adjustment, it was so easy to use. Easy executed overhead shots, great control and fast maneuverability. My smashes has become a bit sharper (not harder), and for some reason, my backhand clears have never been so effortless. It is a breeze to connect to the shuttle.

As you might have guessed already, i am so happy and completely satisfied with my purchase of the Rogue S1. And it has my highest recommandation. And on top of that, I am supporting two guys, who are even more passioned about Badminton as I am. And they are the most amazing advocates for this sport.

it is an amazing looking easy-to-play racket at a more than reasonable prize tag.

Thanks for such an in-depth review, Karsten - It means a lot to us! Thanks for your support all the way from Denmark :)

Exceptional racket for the price point!

I've ordered this racket around 2 weeks ago, and have been using it ever since. I have to say I am impressed, considering I have got put onto volant via ads online; as well as it's price point.

Ordered this racket in 4U, really easy to get used to and get a feel. Been playing with this racket in and out sessions throughout the week, paint surprisingly holds on well (clashed once with a random at a social). A really well made design and slick finish, paint/markings from shuttles or whatever really like to stick on the racket head though. I recommended to buy an over-grip to put over the factory grip since it starts to separate after a few sessions, although the factory grip was surprisingly comfortable compared to default grips on Yonex rackets.

The flex and stiffness of this racket is pretty good, not too stiff and completely hard; you can tell it's flexible when swinging. Stringing job was immaculate (strung at 25lbs) and has no flaws.

Overall things I would consider if I were to re-purchase this racket, maybe go for the 3U option, as well as different strings with a higher tension (maybe at 26/27lbs), and to definitely buy grap.

One down side I have is nothing to do with the racket but the complementary bag it comes with, of course it does fit the racket, but I have learned that the adjustment buckles for the shoulder straps are fragile (mine ended up breaking); as well as the foam lining, when putting the racket inside, getting caught up in the zipper at times.

Thanks Tyler for the review and sorry to hear that your shoulder strap broke. We will be looking at re-designing the racket bag :) Appreciate your honesty and hope to serve you again in the future!


Brilliant even balanced racket for beginner/intermediate level at a great price point