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Rogue S1 Even Balance Badminton Racket

Racket Weight
The Volant Rogue S1 is an even-balanced, all-rounder racket that has our specialised OCTAGONAL AEROFRAME which gives your game more power, speed & precision.

    • • Even balanced racket suitable for all playing styles
      • Light, yet strong & durable frame
      • Less air resistance with improved stability
      • Enlarged sweet spot & better accuracy

      • Stringing tension up to 30lbs (28lbs recommended*)
      • Sleek, matte black finish that looks stylish regardless of grip & string colour

    • • Even balance point
      • NanoSpec technology creates a lighter yet stronger frame
      • Octagonal Aeroframe reduces air resistance & improve stability
      • 3P DynaDistribution improves accuracy & enlarges sweet spot
      • High molecular carbon composition
      • Flexible & medium stiffness
      • Y-Type T Joint for strength, durability & stability
      • 7.2mm Nanotech Shaft
      • TORAY 30T Nano Carbon Fibre
      • 72 hole stringing pattern
      • Grip Size: G5 
      • Made in Taiwan

    • 1. What type of racket is the Rogue S1?

      It is an even-balanced racket, meaning that the balance point of the racket is approximately mid-way between the racket head and handle. The balance point is 290-295mm from the base of the handle.

      2. What type of player is it for?

      As it is an even-balanced racket, it can be used for many playing styles including attacking, defending and rallying. It is also suitable for beginners to advanced players, and is for both males and females.

      3. What weight is the racket?

      It comes in 2 different weights: 4U which is 82g and 3U which is 87g.

      4. Does it come with strings?

      Yes, you can select your choice of string and tension before you add to cart. If you're unsure about the type of string or tension, we have recommendations on the order page. Please reach out if you need further clarification as we're happy to give you advice.

      Please note that the colour of string used for your order will vary depending on availability. 

      5. Does it come with a bag?

      Yes, every racket comes with a racket bag/case which has a shoulder strap.

      6. How long does it take to be sent out?

      As we are offering you customised stringing, we work with a professional stringer who can sometimes be backlogged. Please allow up to 5 business days for your order to be processed and rest assured: we're always trying to get your racket to you as soon as we possibly can! Click here for our shipping time estimates.

      Please be aware that we are experiencing extended domestic & international shipping times due to global challenges. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

      7. Can I return it?

      We want to make sure you're satisfied with your new racket! So you can return it within 30 days of purchase if it is kept in its original condition. Any broken strings unrelated to racket faults are non-refundable. Please see the returns policy here.

ALL INCLUDED: Stringing, Racket Bag & Shipping Worldwide.
Shipped from Australia.
Note: Please allow 4-5 business days for stringing & order processing.

String colour may vary depending on availability. If you have a specific colour request for you strings, please leave this as a note on your order.

Click here for our shipping time estimates.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

Love it, light weight and good for aggressive play.

Farrukh Raghib
Finest Racket

Extremely satisfied with the quality, weight and balance. The strings were also done exactly the way I wanted.
My game has improved with this. I recommend this to everyone.

Fantastic racket , great price.

Absolute great racket, great balance , very easy to maneuver.
Only thing i felt is the shaft may have a little more diameter than my other rackets.
But absolutely not a deal breaker, this racket can easily take on any $200 racket any day.
Very happy with the purchase.
Thanks a lot Team Volant.

Game changer

I got Rouge-1 and had chance to playing with it. Very light wait, good for hard hitter, hybrid (aggressive and defensive) play and stylish.

Fun, easy to use racket. You won't be disappointed. (4u)

I ordered the racket to be shipped to Toronto, Canada. It was shipped through expedited Australia Post and arrived 12 days later. I paid a small duty and handling fee ($27 CAD). I'm very happy with this outcome as some 3PLs will charge huge brokerage fees when importing goods. It comes with its own sleeve case as well as a Volant stencil.

I'm in my 40s now and my heyday has long passed. I'm trending towards friendlier, less demanding racquets to reduce injury. More importantly, I believe these types of racquets are more fun to play with.

The racquet feels and looks great. As an intermediate-advanced social player, mishits are pretty forgiving with very little vibration in the racket. This might be due to the cushion wrap I used under my overgrip, but I also think that the thicker shaft (7.2mm) helps with this. Either way, my tennis elbow says thank you.

The 4u racquet is very fast. Out of the box it weighed 87g.

I've played about 2 hours (2 matches + warm up, nylon and feathered shuttles). Clears, drives and net play were excellent. The 4u racquet plays a mean front and mid-court game. There is a "cap" to the amount of power you can generate, but I found the power is "sharp" and acceptable to me.

The price / performance for a "Made in Taiwan" racquet is very good with the S1 Rogue. Even more important is that the price includes custom stringing. Many racquets at this price point still come with low quality, factory strings at low tensions (19-22 lbs). I strung it with Exbolt 65 @ 26 lbs to give it a bit more "oomph" to my smash. In Canada, this would have been an additional cost of ~$30 CAD.

I only have good things to say about this racquet. If there is anything, I'd think if you were an advanced player you'd probably have your own racquet preferences. If you play a doubles backcourt game, you'd want something with a higher power cap.

Fantastic job Volant.

Hi Tai Toh,

Thank you so much for your review! It makes our day when we see reviews like this!
Hoping that we can serve you again in the future. Until then, all the very best with your Rogue S1 :)

- Jeff & Henry from Volant