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Gold Badminton Shuttlecocks

Badminton Shuttlecocks for your everyday play

Crafted for tournament level play, these goose-feather shuttlecocks fly consistently and are durable under tough conditions.

Suitable for Intermediate to Advanced Players as a high level social or tournament level shuttlecock. 

Buy 3 Dozen for only $109 AUD.
Buy 10 Dozen for only $339 AUD.

      • • 1 dozen (12 units) of badminton feather shuttlecocks per tube
        • Consistent and durable for high level social and tournament play
        • Material: 100% 3-layer natural cork, goose feathers
        • Comparable to Yonex AS-30 to AS-40
        • Speed: 77
        • Single tubes can be purchased or in bulk packs of 3 and 10.

Shipped from Australia.
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