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About the Rogue S1 Racket

Volant Rogue S1 Racket Reviews

"Volant's entry into the badminton racket market did not disappoint. The Rogue S1 is an incredible first racket. Does its job perfectly and its performance was a perfect reflection of what is marketed and described.

By far one of the easiest rackets to use, regardless of playing level. Power is easy to generate, and the racket itself is very manouverable. Also very easy to defend, and counterattack with which suits my style perfectly! Very reminiscent of the Yonex Arcsaber 10, or a Victor Bravesword 12 but slightly slower. However it does seem to have slightly more flex than those two rackets, which makes it forgiving for beginners but I did find myself having to focus slightly more on controlling the shuttle for shot placement.

Beginners will love this racket due to its ease of use, its even balance which makes it easy to swing, and its medium flex which makes power generation effortless. More advanced players with an all rounded playstyle, or a counterattack doubles playstyle will also enjoy it. Big smashers, or very offensive players may not love it as they probably won't get the most power but give it a try! You can smash all day! Oh... did I mention the racket looks so amazing?!" — Andy Nguyen

"After much anticipation, I've finally tried out the Rogue S1! Wow what a racket! It feels great in the hands! Manoeuvring and smashing was really comfortable! This is the most aesthetically pleasing racket I've seen. Like something Bruce Wayne would own if he ever took up badminton. Thanks Volant for adding that superhero feeling!" — Phuong Ho

"To see a very new brand hitting the market with an absolute professional standard makes me happy as a customer. The Volant S1 Rogue has definitely exceeded my expectation in every aspect of the game I love. Thank you for the beautiful racquet Volant. It feels great just like every other top end brands. You've definitely made a beast of a racquet. Keep up the good work fellas, will always support ya." — Devinthiran Pandiyan

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of racket is the Rogue S1?

It is an even-balanced racket, meaning that the balance point of the racket is approximately mid-way between the racket head and handle. The balance point is 290-295mm from the base of the handle.

2. What type of player is it for?

As it is an even-balanced racket, it can be used for many playing styles including attacking, defending and rallying. It is also suitable for beginners to advanced players, and is for both males and females.

3. What weight is the racket?

It comes in 2 different weights: 4U which is 82g and 3U which is 87g.

4. Does it come with strings?

Yes, it comes with personalised stringing: your choice of string and tension. If you're unsure about the type of string or tension, we have recommendations on the order page. Please reach out if you need further clarification as we're happy to give you advice.

5. Does it come with a bag?

Yes, every racket comes with a soft (velvet) bag which has a shoulder strap. It can hold up to 3-4 rackets.

6. How long does it take to be sent out?

As we are offering you customised stringing, we work with a professional stringer who can sometimes be backlogged. Please allow up to 3 business days for your order to be processed and rest assured: we're always trying to get your racket to you as soon as we possibly can!

7. Can I return it?

We want to make sure you're satisfied with your new racket! So you can return it within 30 days of purchase if it is kept in its original condition. Please see the returns policy here.