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Bronze Badminton Shuttlecocks

Badminton Shuttlecocks for your everyday play

Crafted for recreational & social / club level players, these goose-feather shuttlecocks are affordable and durable.

Suitable for beginners as an entry-level shuttlecock. 

Subscriptions available for AU & NZ customers ONLY.
- AU customers: subscriptions allow for 3-10 dozen tubes per order.
- NZ customers: subscriptions allow for 4-10 dozen tubes per order.
* Please ensure you adjust the quantities at check-out in order for the subscription to be valid.

Save with Bundles
- Buy 3 dozen for only $84 AUD.
- Buy 10 dozen for only $265 AUD.


      • • 1 dozen (12 units) of badminton feather shuttlecocks per tube
        • Consistent and durable for recreational & social play
        • Material: 100% 2-layer solid cork, goose feathers
        • Comparable to Yonex AS-10 to AS-20
        • Speeds available: 77
        • Single tubes can be purchased or in bulk packs of 3 and 10.

Shipped from Australia.
Note: Please allow 4-5 business days for order processing.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Trevor P
My go to shuttlecock (beginner - intermediate)

I play casually with friends and workmates, always looking for some budget friendly good quality shuttlecock, this is amazing quality for value. I am glad with my purchase and plays well with my volant racquet.

Thanks so much for your review, Trevor!

Daniel Fan
Perfect for beginners or an upgrade from plastic shuttles

I coach a wide range of students. From beginners to the elite level. I personally have transitioned my junior beginner students to use this shuttle over plastic shuttles

It provides more realistic feedback for them, at the same time the cost of the shuttle isn't that much more of a plastic.

Having compared a brands, quality, and price, Volant Bronze are really good value for those beginning and wanting to move away from the plastic shuttle.

Thank you for your review, Daniel!

Great shuttles for beginners

Recently tried the shuttles and they're great for people who coach beginners or just want to have a hit with their friends. Very affordable as well.

Thanks for the feedback, Tom!

Greg Jorge
Good for a beginner like me

I'm a beginner and found the shuttle good for my level. Maybe when I get better I might need a better one but was fine for me and my friends who are just play for fun each week.

Thanks for the feedback Greg! Keep your ear out for high-level shuttlecocks that we will be bringing out in the future :)

To slow

I think the shuttles are in quite a good quality and very durable compared to the other shuttles I used like Yonex AS-30, but they arent very good for competitive or more advanced levels of play, because they are a bit slower than the shuttles normally used in this kind of play. So im looking forward to see some more variety and possibilities of selection in your shuttle category.

Thanks for the feedback Nicolas. We will be looking at getting more speeds in the future, and please keep a look out for our high-range shuttles which will be more suitable for competitive and advanced play :)