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October 16, 2021 7 min read

NOTHING MAKES ME HAPPIER than when people ask me about where they can play badminton. I mean, I might be lying – a lot of other things make me happier.

Jokes aside, I truly love it when people I meet say that they are interested in taking up badminton and want to know if there are badminton courts that can be booked by anyone to have a hit. 

This is what this article is all about. Without further ado, let’s jump right in. Here’s our list of our favourite badminton courts near you (in Australia). Most of these courts can be booked in hourly slots. Many also rent equipment such as rackets and shuttlecocks, so that you can simply turn up and start playing. 

That being said, some of those hire rackets are pretty crummy. Even if you’re just a beginner, the racket you use can definitely affect the way you play. It’s not going to magically make you a world-class player though!

So if you don’t want to rent a racket (that has been used my 1000 sweaty hands before you, get your hands on the Ignite X1 Racket - it’s light, forgiving and flexible, meaning that it’s a great racket to start with. And it's COMING SOON!

But if you are looking for a racket that is the perfect balance of style, strength and durability, have you checked out the Rogue S1 Even Balance Badminton Racket that we launched this year?

This is a product Henry and I are super proud of and the reviews coming in, honestly make us feel like all the hard work and sleepless nights are paying off!  

Back to the list of our favourite badminton courts in Australia  – feel free to scroll down to your location. 

ACT - Australian Capital Territory

Around Canberra, the following locations are some of the most popular.

  • Belconnen Community Centre: This venue has a huge Sport Hall that is equipped for various sports, including badminton, volleyball etc. Badminton nets are available and will be set up for you. This is a good venue to start if you are a beginner.
  • ANU Sport Centre: Similar to the venue above, the ANU Sport Centre can be booked in hourly slots. They do not accept walk-ins, so be sure to contact them and book in advance.
  • Active Leisure Centre: This place takes booking for 30 minute slots. They usually charge about $11.60 per adult during off peak hours (usually before 5 pm) and around $13.70 per adult for slots after 5 pm (Monday to Friday)
  • UCX (University of Canberra Union): UCFitx can host up to 8 courts at a time and allow bookings in hourly slots. The prices are usually $20 per court, per hour. They also hire out rackets and shuttles for an additional fee.

There are also several clubs that you can join, depending on whether they are accepting new members. Here are some of the top badminton clubs in ACT. 

  • ANU Badminton Club
  • University of Canberra Badminton Club
  • Lions Badminton Club
  • Gungahlin Badminton Club
  • Veterans Badminton Club
  • Belconnen Badminton Club
    New South Wales

    Here are some of our picks if you’re located in NSW and are looking to start playing badminton.

    • The Badminton Club: There are two locations to choose from, Wetherill Park, and Prestons. Wetherill Park has 7 courts, while the facility at Prestons has 10 courts. Both facilities have swanky features, including the latest sports sprung flooring, and an easy-to-use online booking system.
    • Sydney Olympic Park: The 12 courts here get booked out quickly; a bit of planning may be required if you wish to play here. Courts are hired out at $26 an hour, on weekdays before 5 pm, and for $30 an hour at all other times.
    • Five Dock Leisure Centre: 8 badminton courts are available for hire at this venue. However, they aren’t dedicated badminton courts and as such, may be more suitable for beginners and casual players. Their per hour booking fees range from $19-$27, depending on when you want to play.
    • YMCA Ryde Community Sports Centre: Another sports centre that has non dedicated badminton courts but can be booked for $35 per court, per hour.
    • Willoughby Leisure Centre: An online booking system makes booking a court here easy and quick.
    • NBC Badminton, Multiple Locations: Dedicated badminton courts, with a welcoming inclusive culture, NBC Badminton courts can be booked online in hourly slots. 
    South Australia

    Here are some of our top picks for badminton courts in South Australia

    • Adelaide Badminton Centre, Torrensville: With 9 dedicated courts, ABC is popular with both social players, as well as pro athletes training for various state and national level tournaments. Bookings are essential as courts can get booked easily. They also have a store on site that sells equipment ranging from rackets, shuttles and even shoes. Courts cost $25 per hour to hire. 
    • WA Satterley Hall, Lockleys: Courts here can be hired at $25 for non-members of the South Australian Badminton Association (SABA). SABA members get a discounted rate of $20 per hour.

    • STARplex, Evanston Park: This venue also hosts a Tuesday Badminton night that includes basic coaching and match play if you’re a beginner or are looking to gain more skills at an amateur level. 

    A few social clubs worth mentioning, if you want to play some social badminton in SA are:

    • Glenunga Social Badminton Club
    • Adelaide University Badminton Club
    • St Peter's Old Collegians Badminton Club
    • PAOC Badminton Club
    • Icehouse Badminton Club
    • API Badminton Club
    • All Souls Badminton Club (West Mount Gambier)
    • Badminton Veterans Association of SA (only for ages 35 and older)
    • Burragah Badminton Club (only for ages over 18)
      Northern Territory

      If you live in NT, the most popular badminton court near you is probably going to be the NT Badminton Centre in Darwin. This is an unmanned facility and as such, bookings need to be preferably made a day in advance. They allow booking in per hour slots at $25/hour per court. 


      If you live in Queensland, you have quite a few choices if you want to hire a badminton court near you. Here are some of the most popular ones.

      • Sky Badminton Centre: Open daily till 11 pm, this facility also offers social badminton nights for adult players. If you feel like you might need some coaching to up your skills, they offer both coaching for both seniors and juniors. 
      • UQ Sports Hall: The University of Queensland also has a badminton club and offers courts that can be hired at $26 per hour. Rackets cost $6 to hire.

      • Sam’s Badminton Arena: With 6 dedicated badminton courts, costs range between $15 to $20 to hire a court per hour. They also hold social nights on Mondays and Wednesdays.

      • PCYC, Multiple Locations: You might need to be a member here, depending on the location to be able to book a court. PCYC Maranoa and PCYC Mackay hold social badminton games on Tuesday nights and Wednesday mornings and cost only $10 for non-members to join.

      • Sleeman Sports Complex: There are 9 courts available to book at this venue. This complex is also home to the Chandler Daytime and Chandler Nighttime Badminton clubs, if you are looking to play badminton socially. 


      Victoria has a plethora of options for people looking to book badminton courts near them. Some of our top picks are:

      • Unique Badminton Centre: 22 professional courts available and managed by a very friendly team that costs around $25/hr. It can certainly get quite busy here so make sure you’re booking in advance!

      • Mount Waverley Badminton Centre: Around the corner from Unique Badminton Centre is a smaller, quaint option for those who aren’t quite ready for centre stage.

      • Melbourne Badminton Centre: Prices to hire a badminton court here range from $17 to $25 per hour. This venue also offers coaching, if you think that is something you would like to take up.

      • Pro Fit Badminton: This is a well maintained badminton stadium out in Clayton that has both Badminton and Table Tennis tables. There are various private and public social groups that gather here so you’re bound to find a group that suits your playing needs.

      • Altona North Badminton Centre: Newer than its neighbour, Altona Badminton Centre, this stadium boasts 14 state of the art courts with pricing between $13 - $22 for non-members and $11- $20 for members. A great choice for those of you in the Western suburbs of Victoria. 

      • Altona Badminton Centre: This OG Altona Badminton court Prices range between $15 to $25 to hire a court here, depending on the time and whether you are a member. This venue has 12 courts in total and holds multiple social badminton sessions throughout the week.

      • Badminton Connect, Multiple Locations: Choose from locations in Clayton, Noble Park, Hallam, and Truganina. They run multiple social sessions at the Noble Park stadium on Mondays and Tuesdays.

      • Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC): Bookings need to be prepaid at this facility. Since this is one of the premier venues to play badminton, courts do get booked early, so make sure you book before time to avoid disappointment. Sessions are also for 50 minutes instead of the usual hour.

      • Sportlink: Booking a court here on weekdays, between 9 am to 5 pm will cost you $15.80 per hour. All other times cost $20 per hour per court.  

      Western Australia

      Here are our top picks for badminton courts near you in Western Australia. 

      • Leisurelife: With 12 badminton courts for hire, this venue is a very popular one in Victoria Park. Courts are hired out at $22 per hour per court, or at $11 if you are a member. They also offer rackets and shuttles for hire.  

      • Perth Badminton Arena: With 7 premium rubberised courts for hire, and an easy-to-use online booking system, this venue is open till 10 pm daily.

      • HBF Arena: Courts here cost $20 per hour. They also have equipment for hire.

      • UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre: This venue welcomes walk-ins and has 6 courts available to hire.

      • George Burnett Leisure Centre: This facility has 5 courts in total and has an online availability and booking calendar for anyone wanting to book a court. 

      While this list is in no way an exhaustive one - we’ve tried to list our favourites. 

      So if you’re still looking to find courts that are closer to you, or prefer to see them on a map, check out this link from Badminton Australia: https://www.badminton.org.au/lets-play/

      And be sure to let us know if we, or Badminton Australia have missed any in the comments below or tell us where your favourite place to play badminton is!

      Till next time!

      We'd love to hear your opinions, comments, tips and tricks so please feel free to comment below. If you would like us to write about something in particular, please let us know!

      Jeffrey Tho
      Jeffrey Tho

      Jeff is an ex-international badminton player who represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games (twice as a player & once as a coach), World Championships, All England Championships and multiple Thomas and Sudirman Cups. He was the Australian National Coach, Senior State Head Coach and is the co-founder of Volant badminton & The Badminton Podcast. Jeff is extremely passionate about building the worldwide badminton community & showing the world how incredible our sport really is.

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