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How To Become a Professional Badminton Player

November 20, 2022 4 min read 1 Comment

Badminton is one of the world's most popular and lovable sports, and so many young players worldwide are establishing themselves as professional badminton players. These young players are taking inspiration from legendary players like Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei, P.V Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, and many more.

There is no fixed age and time to follow your passion and make your career, but one cannot reach their goal due to a lack ofknowledge and proper guidance. So here in this article, I will inform you how to make a career in badminton.

So, let’s dive in:

Seven easy steps to become a professional badminton player

Let’s begin with:

1. Starting at the right age

If you are seriously willing to make your career in this sport, then as a badminton coach, I suggest you start practising and playing at the very young age of 10 or 15. It is so because a person who starts at a very young age knows how to work on the skills and techniques. Also, the player will get enough time to decide the category he wants to play.

Beginning at a very young age, you will understand the concepts better, and your mind will work efficiently and remember every important detail about this sport.

2. Understand and know the game

It is evident that whenever you start playing any sport, you must know all about it to play effectively, and the same rule applies to this sport.

So, while taking your sessions, you must get familiar with its basics, rules, and different types of shots like smash, drop, clear, and serve.

Let me also inform you that it will take time to master and learn all these essential things. Rather than these technical shots, you must also work on your footwork and know when to jump, when not, and which shot to use during a rally.

3. Physical capabilities

Badminton is one of the world's fastest sports; to become a professional badminton player, you must work on your physical, tactical, and psychological capabilities.

A badminton match lasts approximately 40-60 minutes, so you must have high intensity, agility, strength, and flexibility, for which you can add some practical warm-up exercises to your daily routine. Also, you must follow a proper diet plan to meet your body weight and fitness.

4. Skillset

To become a professional badminton player, one needs to learn several primary and advanced badminton skills. These skills and strokes include smashes, jumps, short serves, and many more.

So, to master these shots, you must coordinate your hand, wrist, and shoulder, which is a crucial way to play a good game.

Rather than this, you also need to understand your opponent, which is a crucial part of this sport and will prepare you to respond according to the situations that come for you.

5. The right equipment

Playing with the right gear and equipment can help you drastically enhance your game, and likewise, every other sport, badminton, has its gear and equipment, including a racket, a net, and a shuttlecock.

Rather than this, badminton players should know that the best rackets and sports shoes are essential for footwork.

So, you must select an ideal non-marking shoe for yourself because not wearing proper shoes could lead to injuries and affect your footwork.

And I recommend you purchase the right equipment with the best quality and never compromise on this aspect during your career.

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6. Get the best coach

To become a professional badminton player, you must look for the best academies nearby, where a good trainer or coach can train you. After joining an academy, you must pay close attention to what your coach teaches you and make the best possible use of coaching.

But remember, it doesn’t matter if you have the best coach; you must practice for around 8 hours daily and work hard to achieve your dreams.

So, prepare yourself for more hard work and hard training.

7. Practice and practice

Practising more and more will make you more experienced and flexible and help you coordinate your body parts according to your moves.

Even if you are taking sessions from the best coach, you must practice a lot to achieve your goals. Skilled players generally practice about eight hours daily, as this sport requires a lot of dedication and willpower.

And if you want to be a professional player, you can watch videos of professional players and learn new moves and tactics, which you can later apply in your game.

Rather than practising a lot, you have to make sure that you work hard to get better outcomes.

Volant Badminton

Final Words

Badminton is one of the world's most challenging and fastest sports, so if you want to become a professional badminton player, you must begin at a very early age. It will help you to understand the game and handle the pressure during the game.

Rather than this, try not to rely on someone for your game, so you must practice and practice more and follow these steps to become a professional badminton player.

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K Prannoy is a professional badminton coach who has been playing badminton for approximately 19 years. He is the creator of the badminton tips & tricks website -https://badmintonweekly.com

We'd love to hear your comments, suggestions, tips and tricks so please feel free to comment below. If you would like us to write about something in particular, please let us know!

Jeffrey Tho
Jeffrey Tho

Jeff is an ex-international badminton player who represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games (twice as a player & once as a coach), World Championships, All England Championships and multiple Thomas and Sudirman Cups. He was the Australian National Coach, Senior State Head Coach and is the co-founder of Volant badminton & The Badminton Podcast. Jeff is extremely passionate about building the worldwide badminton community & showing the world how incredible our sport really is.

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May 02, 2023

Coaches can be costly – though I understand their importance. I thank you and other badminton sites to help me get where I want to be <3

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